The Secret to Being Powerfully Productive

October 2021 Impact Breakfast

The Secret to Being Powerfully Productive
October 20, 2021
9 - 10:00am

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed because you can’t get it all done? There is too much to do and not enough time to get it done. Join us virtually on October 20 as Productivity Coach, Margo Crawford explores ways you can maximize your focus, energy, and productivity.

Learn strategies for being powerfully productive:

  • Ways you can free up 6 weeks of time
  • Implement techniques to improve your focus and clarity
  • Stop multitasking and start focusing
  • Gain tips on ways to maximize your time

Margo Crawford of Wave Productivity has the goal of creating thriving workspaces by increasing focus, productivity, and success. She works with clients to develop creative, effective solutions for their life and work. Her business, Wave Productivity has helped many professionals design and sustain a productive work environment. With nearly 20 years of experience in productivity, across a wide variety of industries, Margo Crawford is a master at helping clients build better work/life balance and achieve their goals.

Date and Time
9 - 10:00am


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