Maricopa Community Colleges Enrollment Event

Rock-Enrollment 22


June 20 - 22*
9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

Get Ready to Rock EnROLL!!

Are you interested in enrolling at one of our 10 Maricopa Community Colleges? Then get ready to plug in the amp and crank up the dial for Rock EnROLLment Days! Over three days, each of our colleges will open its doors to deliver personalized enrollment services, answer questions, provide helpful information, and make the whole process smoother. 

Enrollment made easy
By attending the event for your college of interest, you’ll gain access to its expert staff and a variety of fantastic services that simplify the enrollment process.

Advantages of attending
  • Start, continue, or finish the enrollment process
  • Take advantage of Priority Enrollment
  • Find out if you qualify to pay your tuition with a Presidents’ Honor Scholarship
  • Secure your preferred classes and times
  • Experience personalized enrollment services
  • Pay for classes at a later date
  • Enjoy the summer knowing you’ve scheduled your classes

Dates and times may vary by college*
When you RSVP, your college of interest will contact you about the dates and times of its event and whether its sessions will be virtual, in-person, or a combination of the two. 

Can't jam with us?
No worries if you can’t attend. Enrollment help is always available. Contact your college of interest at a time that fits your schedule!


Open To

10 colleges. Event formats vary.

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