“Let’s Talk CTE” Sessions


Maricopa’s District Workforce and Economic Development Office (WEDO) is launching a series of virtual sessions featuring timely Career and Technical Education (CTE) topics.

This series is part of WEDO’s commitment to promoting stakeholder engagement and sparking new conversations within the Maricopa community related to workforce and CTE trends and priorities.

Each session will be delivered by area professionals, national experts, and leading education researchers on a range of critical topics including prior learning assessment, micro-credentialing, early college onramps, career pathways, and partnerships. The session format will help connect to local, state and national issues and allow attendees to participate more fully in asking questions, presenting views, and providing solutions.

2021 Calendar

Date Event
January 29, 2021 Early College Onramps and CTE Pathways
February 19, 2021 PLA for the Win!
March 26, 2021 CTE Faculty Day
April 30, 2021 Recognizing Prior Learning in the COVID-19 Era: Helping Displaced Workers and Students One Credit at a Time
May 27, 2021 CTE in Community Colleges: Barriers and Opportunities To Address Equity and Inclusion
June 30, 2021 Success by Design: Strengthening Internal Partnerships
August 27, 2021 Advising and Prior Learning Assessment To Support Completion
September 24, 2021 Making PLA Happen at Maricopa
October 29, 2021 Learning Recognition and the Future of Higher Education — A Vision for a Post-Pandemic Learning Ecosystem
November 19, 2021 Leveraging High School CTE to Onboard Students
December 10, 2021 Credential as You Go

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